Building Education

Dedicated to providing education to those who have the least and deserve the most


“Education is the key that opens all doors”




Building Education was founded after a trip to a floundering education center in Nepal after trekking.  The education center, Joint Effort for Poor Children or JEPC, is operated by Tej B.K. and his family. The family, who had converted their home into an educational center to help house and provide before and after school education for the children of the area, were in desperate need of assistance.  Since the earthquake in 2015 they have taken on orphaned children and families who now permanently live with them.  Their house was damaged and was in need of repair, the same as many homes that are located in the slums outside of Lakeside, Nepal.  Although it is a struggle day to day to provide food and materials, the family's optimism and unfaltering kindness is overwhelming. After listening to their story and spending time with the kids, the idea to form Building Education was born.  That was in 2016.  Now Building Education is a certified 501(c)3 that raised over $9,000 (all with your support) to perform and complete it's first build, the rebuild of JEPC Education Center. Drawing from both of the founders' experiences with non-profits, Building Education seeks to - in its own small way - influence the lives of those who are deserving of a better chance.  


A Special thanks to our friends and partner New Hope, without their support and Guidance none of this would be possible!


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